Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey volleyball buddies! We have lots of volleyball buddies now we have 3 teams and it is chaotic but fun. Blackwells' have had their fill with illness. I think we are on our way to hopefully getting well and on the up and up. The flu is no fun in a big family we just pass it all around over and over again. Everything is going to get back to normal. We have a new normal now though, because we can go to the temple anytime. Things are so great and happy since we got our recommends and I am felling really proud. Ayden, my sweety pie grandbaby, was blessed on Sunday by his grandpa and he gave him a great blessing. Ayden didnt even cry, but has cryed ever since his blessing. Thankyou to everyone for assisting in his blessing. Looking forward to whatever is next in our busy lives and looking forward to having everyone well. Havent gone coupon shopping in so long, but look forward to getting back to that crazyness. Okay coupon buddies?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Doctor and Dental Chaos!!

What a week! Seems like we are always in the Dr.'s office or the dentist office. I should have been a dentist because they make lots of money and dont care how we are going to afford it but hate us for not being more up on getting our kids teeth fixed. Steven had 2 rootcanals and we were there for 5 hours and out 1200.00 dollars but now he can be out of pain. Seems like everytime we get some kind of savings together it only lasts for a couple of weeks. but thank goodness we had our savings though so we could have the rootcanals. We went to a great Valentines party and had great fun. Will always be embarrassed to see our friends after that game but had lots of fun. Thanks for all your time and effort planning and cleaning and fun prizes and a great dinner. Sorry Howard about the asparagus wasnt worth eating it huh. Then Sunday and our Ward Conference. Loved it thought it was so enlightning and am very greatfull we do not have credit cards!!!!!! We are so looking forward to the challenge with the Book Of Mormon! Love our new bishop and love our stake president and how inspired they are. Then here we are on Monday and Steve planned a candle lite dinner for me with steak and potatoes and no kids for about 2 hours. Was great and quiet and yummy. lots of points to him and he passed off that page in the love book with an A.♥ Hope everyone is great and thanks for everything on Valentines. Next party is on us. Howard, promise to not have any asparagus for you, hope u r better and dont forget volleyball. LOL :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, I am a coupon freak!!!!!! Went grocery shopping with my peeps and am totally addicted to the couponing sickness. Got great deals and I assigned out dinner to my husband and was late for dinner but we got such great deals. Tons of free foods and lots of almost free snacks. I know my kids are thinking mom has lost it. But they usually think that anyway. Then today had a huge and eventfull day with my Grandma with old timers. Took her to get her toes beautified and nails did and had to remind her every 5 minutes what we were doing and what color she was having her feet painted. The best thing was she felt beautifull after. Went to Angelinas for lunch and she ate like she had never eaten before. Had the ticket paying issue. Did her hair, cutting and coloring it hoping I didnt get it too short while being stressed for time, but again the best thing is she felt beautifull and thought she was a new woman. Love her and am glad she is still on this earth. Missed dinner and didnt clean today believe it or not Cheree. Enrichment was great and a good rest to just sit and not have to do anything. Yes I am rambling but it is 230am and just needed to vent so I can sleep. Never thought I would be left here trying to help my dad take care of my mom's mom. Ya never know what might happen in our crazy lives. Wouldnt change it though.Lol

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our exciting Sunday!

Today was a great day!
Zachary did awesome on his talk at church, Both Zachary and Steven were ordained. What a special time for us parents. We know we're doing two things right! It really feels good to have friendship's and caring people in the Gospel. I hope everyone's week is good! Cant wait to be temple bound. :)

Thank you for all the help and support from all of our friends, love ya'll.

I'm missin' my mom so so much. ♥♥

The twins finally had they're 2nd birthday's! My babies are getting big so quick, but so so crazy! Double the trouble most days...who am i kidding? ALL the time, But it's worth it. The girls got their matching vaccums, they like to help! As they get older both personalities have shown through so much.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We're new to this!

We're the Blackwell's! We've decided it would be fun to make a blog, i've been told everyone has one. Why not join the trend right?

Well, for some of the wonderful things that some of you might of missed us. This past September we we're blessed with our first grandson, Ayden Daniel Blackwell. He's 4 months now, growing up so quickly.

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The rest of us have grown up quite a bit.
The twins have grown up alot!

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We are all healthy and doing wonderful in school, thank goodness!
more recent pictures to come :-)